Wishes Are Granted Here, Hail Caleos, Light of the Moon

This new light, I do not know what to make of them, Even as danger fills our waking hours, Caleos will guide us to a peaceful land. Have strength, wherever you are, dearest sibling. We will all join the stars in the end. .

A Prayer For and all those who have gone before, return to watch down on us along side you. Let Peace fill our minds and still raging hearts for together About me You can call me Mim. I have studied both but when I search for the Gods who call to me to follow them, I find myself at the doors of the Solar Deities, Caleos and Soelis. Even as their presence in our thoughts fade, I find it in me to turn to them for comfort. Blog This may be my last post here. I have taken care of this net space for the better part of a year, but those who feel have come ever nearer to the instituion that I love and have called home. I know the truth of where my heart lies, but to avoid detection, I shall comply.